Balance & Coordination Rehabilitation

Curezone Physiotherapy, Mississauga provides a detailed assessment and has a specific treatment program for balance and coordination exercises to prevent falls or re-injury. We are a team with a multidisciplinary approach and aims at working towards your goals. The providers working at Curezone physiotherapy have specialization and expertise and have worked in various Balance and coordination Rehabilitation clinics over the past few years.

It is important to recognize the need to work on improving your balance and coordination, regardless of your age to keep your posture healthy. Poor balance is highly responsible for the fall related injuries such as fractures, muscle tear, Strains and sprains, muscle contusion leading to increase pain, immobility and limited range of motion along with concussions injuries. Sometimes the injuries could also be fatal and life longing. Balance exercises play a very important factor in fall prevention.

Every year, more than one-third of senior citizens age 65 or older suffer from fall-related injuries. This is one of the reasons why balance and coordination is so important. A good balance improve muscle strength and physical performance, maintains better posture and also helps in decreasing postural related neck or back pain.

Various causes of balance disorders are:

  • Lack of physical activity
  • Medications
  • Impaired vision
  • Ear problems (Dizziness, vertigo, BPPV)
  • Insufficient sleep
  • Surgeries
  • Health issues and diseases
  • Structural environment in the house
  • Increased anxiety
  • Hypotonia or spasticity
  • Muscle weakness
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Severe arthritis
  • Hyper mobility( Ataxia)

Physiotherapy Treatment for Balance and coordination

People who demonstrate impairments in static postural control are unable to maintain or hold a steady position. Exercise is a good way to improve and regain your balance and coordination. Exercises have the power to improve some of the following

  • improve strength and range of motion
  • increase endurance and confidence
  • reduce fatigue
  • helps in decreasing depression
  • improve mood and well-being
  • provide opportunity for social interaction
  • Improves the immunity of the body

Balance and Coordination Rehabilitation Therapy:

The therapist can select any number of weight bearing antigravity postures to develop stability control such as Rhythmic Stabilization, Stability ball exercises, TheraBand stability pad exercises, Wobble board exercises in sitting followed by exercises in standing, stepping exercises and postural awareness training based on patients symptoms. Once you are getting better at static balance training, the next step is to start dynamic Balance training. This means doing activities that require you to balance as you move through the environment. Meet our physiotherapists today to improve your balance and coordination through exercises at Curezone Physiotherapy, Mississauga.