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Catastrophic injury and physiotherapy treatments

From whiplash injuries to fractures, sprains and more, catastrophic injury from car accidents can cause significant damage to drivers and passengers. It’s important to recognize that you may not be aware of your injuries, or the extent of your injuries, while you’re at the time of the accident.

Categories of Car Accident Injuries

When drivers, passengers and pedestrians are involved in collisions, they could sustain many different kinds of car accident injuries. However, these injuries are broadly organized into two different categories:

Impact injuries: 

These occur when a passenger strikes any component of the interior of the car or is thrown from the car and strikes the ground or other objects. For example, a head injury is when someone’s head hits the side window, this would be an example of an impact injury.

Penetrating injury:

These occur when loose objects flying around the vehicle strike the passenger. An example would be a window shattering or a open wound injury.

Broken bones:

Motor vehicle accidents are a significant cause of broken bones, including limbs. Although some broken bones will be apparent, others might not be. As with everything else on this list, prompt medical care will lead to the best results. Post fracture Rehabilitation is provided by our Registered physiotherapists once the fracture is healed. A proper assessment is done and then a treatment plan is created based on the amount of stiffness, swelling and range of motion

Dislocated joints:

This injury normally presents itself right away, but it can sometimes be overlooked after an accident. Pain in a joint can indicate a dislocation, even if the joint does not appear to be damaged. Shoulder dislocation and patellar dislocations are few of the most common joints in a car accident. Physiotherapy Management techniques in Curezone Physiotherapy Clinic in Mississauga and Oakville involve AROM and strengthening exercises. Laser therapy, Ultrasound therapy and muscle stimulation is generally used to reduce inflammation and pain.

Soft Tissue Injuries

Sprains and strains

Sprains and strains are also very common injuries that can be noticed in car accidents. A sprain happens within the two bones of a joint, like the elbow or the knee. The muscle or tissue that joins the muscle to the bone experiences a strain. We do ice, laser, and ultrasound at Curezone. To assist maintain flexibility, mild range-of-motion exercises are done once the swelling goes down. Exercises that improve the afflicted joint and have an emphasis on balance and sense of balance can help restore function. A safe healing is ensured by gradually returning to activities and sports-specific activities under the supervision of our physiotherapist.


The most frequent damage sustained in auto accidents is bruises. While most bruises go away on their own without treatment, it could happen to get a bruise that is so bad that it endangers your health. The heart muscle might bruise if your chest is struck or perforated, which could result in long-term harm. In order to avoid stiffness, we perform mild range-of-motion exercises and low-impact aerobic activities, both of which promote healing through improved circulation. Our physiotherapist’s do soft tissue mobilization treatments that helps to speed up the healing of bruises and encourage fluid drainage.

Broken or bruised ribs

Car crashes often result in injuries to the ribs. A little bruise to shattered bones might result from this incident. Sometimes it’s impossible to determine the full degree of the damage right away after the collision. Even though broken ribs typically mend on their own, they can also puncture internal organs or blood vessels. If you experience chest pain, let the medical professionals know so they can investigate. Because a bruised rib is frequently the result of trauma or impact, it needs to be carefully managed to prevent the pain from getting worse.

Our physiotherapists at Curezone go above and beyond to support you during this trying time. In order to maintain lung function, we begin with deep breathing exercises. To retain rib cage mobility, we start out with mild trunk mobilization activities and to develop the supporting muscles, a series of core stability exercises are over time implemented. We perform postural exercises to encourage correct posture and lessen rib strain.


Whiplash is a common injury sustained in auto accidents. It occurs when the  neck jerks either forward or backwards. The muscles in the neck are strained by the weight of the head. While the majority of whiplash sufferers recover in a few weeks, some may need months or even longer. Another possibility for whiplash is an ineffective airbag deployment. The goals of Curezone’s physiotherapists are to minimize discomfort and regain function. To reduce stiffness and increase mobility, manual treatment techniques and mild neck exercises are first used. To assist stabilize the area, exercises designed for both the neck and shoulder muscles are gradually added. Ultrasound and heat therapy are also done for pain management. Since proper posture and ergonomics are essential for averting further episodes, we also offer education on these topics.

Traumatic brain injury (TBI)

A jolt to the brain can cause a traumatic brain injury (TBI). This injury frequently occurs in auto collisions when the skull strikes the dashboard, the steering wheel, or the side window, or when the neck jerks forward upon impact. There are minor traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) that can be treated at home. Sadly, though, things aren’t always like that. Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is not usually as obvious as, instance, a fractured bone, and it can have consequences that last, including brain damage. But receiving therapy quickly is necessary for healing. At Curezone, our physiotherapist specializes in treating physical disabilities and encouraging self-sufficiency. Exercises for coordination and balance are combined with gait training to help increase mobility and lower the risk of falls. Exercises involving visual tracking are presented to improve eye
movement control. Additionally, vestibular rehabilitation is used to help control vertigo and dizziness. At Curezone, exercises for cardiovascular training are also done to aid in general recuperation.


A concussion is a particular sort of traumatic brain injury. It is sometimes called a mild brain injury. To treat balance and vision issues, our physiotherapists use techniques like vestibular and ocular motor therapy. Additionally, neck strengthening routines are performed to assist reduce headaches and strain.

Immediate Help through Physiotherapy for Catastrophic Injury:

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