Falls prevention

Fall prevention

Falls are a common problem as we get older. Most falls may not cause a serious injury but they can leave you distressed. Falls are the common cause of fracture in your wrist and hip. The are many reasons for falls and some of them can be prevented with exercises. Some health conditions and medications can affect your balance. If you had a fall or if you feel that your balance in not as good as it was, it is natural to feel worried about falling. This can become a problem if it is causing you to avoid certain activities, such as exercise or stopping you leaving your home.Fall prevention involves implementing strategies and measures to reduce the risk of accidental falls, particularly among individuals at higher risk, promoting safety and well-being.

Exercise is one of the most effective way to maintain independence and ensure we stay steady on our feet. Strengthening and balance exercises help you to improve balance and muscle strength to reduce risk of falls.

What can I do to prevent a fall?

If you are worried about your balance or have fear of fall, contact your Physiotherapist. Your Physiotherapist will carry out a comprehensive assessment and put in place a treatment plan for fall prevention to reduce the risk of further falls. Physiotherapist can give you advice on how to perform activities of daily living safely. Balance and strengthening exercises are individually prescribed. You need guidance and assistance from your Physiotherapist to perform and progress the balance exercise as your balance needs to be challenged to improve further.

Get your eyes and glasses checked regularly for fall prevention

Check for hearing problems any other inner ear problems affecting your balance. If there are vestibular problems, your Physiotherapist who is trained in Vestibular rehabilitation can help you with treatment and specific exercises.

Choose the right shoes

Many slips, trips and falls happen in and around home. Make sure that you have proper lighting, no loose rugs or clutter and non-slip bath mat.