Physiotherapy for Mixed Martial Arts

Physiotherapy for Martial Arts Injuries

Venturing into the intense world of mixed martial arts (MMA)?

It is an exhilarating pursuit that demands both skill and resilience! It can also be a very dangerous activity that can potentially result in severe injuries to the nervous and musculo-skeletal systems. Here are three areas where physiotherapy can be your best friend when you suffer injuries during mixed martial arts activities.

1. Joint Sprains and Dislocations:

Forceful nature of MMA can result in joint sprains or dislocations. Swelling, pain, and joint instability. Curezone adopts employing hands-on manual therapy to enhance joint stability. We prescribe strengthening exercises specific to the affected joint. 

2. Contusions and Hematomas:

Bruising & hematomas are common consequences of  MMA. Tailored exercises for affected muscle groups, coupled with soft tissue techniques, contribute to reduced bruising and accelerated healing. Laser therapy can aid in inflammation reduction and tissue repair. 

3. Concussions:

Head injuries are a risk in MMA due to striking, leading to headaches and dizziness. Our approach involves a comprehensive assessment using tools such as Impact and VOMS. Rest and gradual return to activity are carefully monitored.

At Curezone Physiotherapy Clinic, we ensure that each client receives unique & effective rehabilitation. Give us a call to see how we can be on your side! Our dedicated team at Curezone Physiotherapy is committed to addressing the diverse injuries associated with MMA through personalized assessments and carefully crafted treatment plans, ensuring fighters make a triumphant return to the cage with strength and resilience.

Immediate Help through Physiotherapy for Martial Arts Injuries:

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