Shoulder dislocation treatment

Shoulder dislocation treatment

What leads to shoulder dislocation?

Many people who had a dislocated shoulder often refer back to the incident being so sudden that all they remember is hearing a loud click and feeling of excruciating pain immediately after the injury. Yes! They could actually feel the shoulder as it gets wrenched out of the socket (part of shoulder bade) and strains/tears the supporting soft tissue (muscle/tendon/capsule). It can be a very dreadful experience!!!

Depending on the severity of injury, the treatment protocol varies. Generally, your doctor orders X-Ray and USG to determine the extent and severity of the injury. Shoulder dislocations are further classified depending on your symptoms and X-Ray findings which lays down a general guideline for treating dislocated shoulders. Usually, a shoulder sling is provided to maintain the shoulder in neutral position and offload your shoulder muscles as a treatment for shoulder dislocation.

How Registered Physiotherapist Mississauga can help to rehabilitate your shoulder?

Registered Physiotherapist can aid in faster recovery of dislocated shoulder through a comprehensive shoulder dislocation treatment This can get you to start engaging your shoulder in activities of daily living such dressing, combing, grooming, eating, lifting objects etc. Registered Physiotherapist during the initial phases of tissue healing assists in enhancing the injured tissue through modalities such as therapeutic ultrasound and muscle stimulator. These electrical modalities bring more blood to the area (fresh oxygen and nutrients) and calms down the inflammation in the shoulder. If you don’t mobilize your shoulder in sling, it tends to get stiff and shoulder muscles develop spasm/tightness due to lack of motion. Registered Physiotherapist mobilize your shoulder joint without stressing the healing tissues, thus preventing any secondary complications associated with shoulder immobilization. They also educate regarding the use of sling and certain positions/activities to be avoided that might promote dislocation when the tissues are healing. Registered Physiotherapist would incorporate strengthening exercises to shoulder using Thera band/weight cuffs to increase strength in your shoulder muscles so that they can stabilize the shoulder.