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SPINAL Decompression Therapy

Decompression therapy, also known as Spinal Decompression or Traction, is a non-surgical treatment that relieves pressure on the spine and related structures. This treatment modality is available at Curezone Physiotherapy clinic in Heartland and Erinmills locations in Mississauga. It is motorized decompression, a technique designed to decrease  pressure on the discs, vertically expand the intervertebral space, and restore disc height. This negative pressure allows the disc to rehydrate and repair itself. Therefore, decompression reduces the pressure that accumulates on the discs and nerves through mechanical decompression of the disc.

Conditions treated with Decompression Therapy:

 It’s commonly used to treat conditions like:

1. Herniated or bulging or protruding discs

2. Degenerative disc disease

3. Sciatica

4. Spinal stenosis

5. Facet joint syndrome

6. Spondylosis

7. Chronic back pain

The treatment involves a gentle, controlled stretching of the spine, typically using a specialized table or device. This stretching:

1. Reduces pressure on discs and facet joints

2. Increases space between vertebrae

3. Promotes healing and relaxation

4. Relieves pain and inflammation

Decompression therapy may be used in conjunction with other treatments like physiotherapy such as massage, spinal manipulation, exercises, acupuncture, back school, and cognitive behavioral therapy, chiropractic care, or pain management. A non-surgical spinal decompression therapy with routine physiotherapy is more effective, statistically and clinically, than routine physiotherapy alone in terms of improving pain, lumbar range of motion, back muscle endurance, functional disability, and physical role domain of quality of life, in patients with lumbar radiculopathy. Our registered physiotherapists in Mississauga and Oakville locations are specialized in Spinal Decompression treatments and provide a complete treatment plan based on individual assessments. 

Some benefits of decompression therapy include:

1. Non-invasive and non-surgical

2. Drug-free and low-risk

3. Customizable to individual needs

4. Can help avoid surgery or medication

5. Relieves pain and improves mobility

Remember, it’s essential to consult with a qualified healthcare professional to determine the best course of treatment for your specific condition. 

Immediate Help through Spinal Decompression Physiotherapy for Back Pain:

Are you looking for physiotherapy for a broken back? Is your lower back hurting near hip and spine? Or is it more like hip AND lower back pain, or hip and lower back pain on one side? Have you been having any back and hip spasms? Or is the back of hip pain overwhelming? Or are you simply looking learn more about what is spinal decompression?

No matter whether you are looking for the best way to decompress spine or looking for simple spine stretching exercises, we are here to answer all of your questions.

At Curezone Physiotherapy, our trained traction therapy experts aim to bring you the best of spinal decompression therapy to improve back and hip strength, and flexibility. From setting individualized spinal traction parameters to providing after care following your decompression sessions, we got your back! If you are looking for the best physio NEAR ME or Traction Mississauga or Traction Oakville to learn the exercises to eliminate back pain, look no further! We aim to be YOUR best physiotherapist in Mississauga and Oakville areas, and are here and ready to teach you the best exercises for back pain.

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