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Physiotherapy for Boxing Injuries

In the demanding world of boxing, athletes face a myriad of challenges that often
translate into physical injuries. At Curezone Physiotherapy Clinic, we understand the
unique requirements of boxers and offer specialized treatments to address the diverse
range of injuries they may encounter. Let’s delve into how our clinic tackles some
common boxing-related injuries with personalized physiotherapy strategies.

Rotator Cuff Strain (Shoulder Injury):

A prevalent injury in boxing, rotator cuff strains result from overuse or repetitive stress
on the shoulder muscles and tendons. Boxers may experience shoulder pain,
weakness, and limited range of motion.

Our skilled physiotherapists employ a combination of hands-on manual therapy and
active release techniques to alleviate muscle tightness and enhance shoulder mobility.
Tailored exercises targeting the rotator cuff muscles are incorporated to improve
strength and prevent future injuries.

Boxer’s Fracture:

Boxer’s fracture occurs when the bones of the hand, often the metacarpals, break due
to improper punching techniques or striking a hard surface. Hand pain, swelling, and
deformity are common indicators of this injury.
Post-fracture rehabilitation at CureZone involves hands-on manual therapy to address
stiffness and promote joint mobility. Progressive exercises are introduced to regain
strength and coordination in the affected hand, ensuring a safe return to boxing

Wrist Sprain/Strains:

Impact from punches can result in wrist sprains or strains, causing damage to ligaments
or connective tissues around the wrist joint. Pain, swelling, and limited range of motion
in the wrist may indicate this injury.
Our approach includes hands-on manual therapy and passive release stretches to
address wrist pain and improve joint mobility. Customized exercises aim to strengthen
the wrist and forearm muscles, enhancing stability and preventing future sprains. Laser
therapy may be incorporated for pain management.

Sprains and Strains in the Back:

Strains or sprains in the back are common due to the rotational and flexion movements
in boxing, causing damage to muscles or ligaments. Lower back pain, stiffness, and
discomfort during movement are typical signs.
Combining Maitland and Mulligan mobilization techniques with McKenzie flexion or
extension-based exercises, our clinic addresses the root cause of back strains.
Additionally, suction cupping is employed for localized relief, and compound body
movements with kettlebells further promote stability and strength.

Boxer’s Knuckle:

Boxer’s knuckle, or mallet finger, occurs when tendons or ligaments supporting the
finger joints are damaged, often from improper punching techniques. Swelling, pain, and
difficulty straightening or bending the affected finger are indicative.
Initial treatment involves splinting and immobilization. Once the acute phase is
addressed, physiotherapy focuses on restoring finger strength, flexibility, and
proprioception through targeted exercises. Hands-on manual therapy may also be
applied to improve joint function.

Achilles Tendinopathy:

Achilles tendinopathy involves inflammation or degeneration of the Achilles tendon,
commonly caused by overuse or repetitive stress. Heel pain, stiffness, and swelling,
particularly during physical activity, are common symptoms.

A thorough assessment identifies the underlying causes, followed by hands-on manual
therapy to address muscle tightness. Eccentric strengthening exercises specific to the
Achilles tendon are incorporated for improved resilience. Shockwave therapy may be
used for enhanced healing and pain management. Biomechanical analysis is performed
to correct contributing factors, preventing future occurrences.

At Curezone Physiotherapy Clinic, we pride ourselves on offering a comprehensive and
personalized approach to boxing-related injuries. Our skilled team of physiotherapists
combines traditional manual therapy with cutting-edge techniques and advanced
modalities to ensure that every boxer receives tailored care for a swift and robust
recovery. Choose Curezone for a personalized, comprehensive, and effective approach
to your boxing-related physiotherapy needs.

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