Physiotherapy following Arthroscopy of knee joint

Physiotherapy following Arthroscopy of knee joint

Arthroscopy is a type of keyhole surgery to diagnose and treat problems in a joint. The equipment in arthroscopy are small, so it requires only a small cut. The advantages of this type of surgery are less pain after operation, faster healing time, lower risk of infection. You can go home on the same day or in some instances as an overnight stay in the hospital, you may be able to return to normal activities quickly. Knee arthroscopy is for diagnosing and treating a variety of knee problems.

Some of the common indications are

Meniscal tear
ACL or PCL tear
Removal of any loose bodies
Joint debridement and wash out in case of osteoarthritis
Articular cartilage injuries-Repairing damaged cartilages
Lateral retinacular release
Repairing certain joint fractures

Physiotherapy treatment following Arthroscopy

Consult your Physiotherapist If you have the advise for a knee arthroscopic surgery. Your Physiotherapist can teach you gentle strengthening. Range of movement exercise as well which will help you with a faster recovery in the post operative period.

Following the arthroscopy your hospital Physiotherapist will be helping you regarding management of pain, swelling and exercises. This improves movement and muscle strength and walking. Pain and swelling in the initial period is managed with ice, elevation, compression, use of crutches and gentle exercises. Most of the time you can walk with full weight bearing using crutches. Provided there are no weight bearing restrictions from your surgeon. Once the pain decreases, you will progress to one crutch. Then usually continue using the crutches till you are able to walk with out a limp. Always follow surgeon’s instructions regarding weight bearing and use of walking aids.

Contact your Physiotherapist once you are away from the hospital.

What to expect from out patient Physiotherapy treatment?

Your first appointment is usually 40 minutes during which your Physiotherapist will complete an assessment. They will come up with a treatment plan based on the post operative precautions and your goals. You will have one to one follow up sessions with a registered Physiotherapist. Frequency of treatment is usually two to three times a week. Some times it varies with your stage of healing and goals. You will be given home exercise programme with specific exercises.

Physiotherapy treatment post arthroscopic surgery depends on the indications of surgery. Rehabilitation following a ligament repair or meniscal tear will take longer period of tim. With specific exercises and treatment by your Physiotherapist, it may take longer. Physiotherapy treatment is aimed at improving the strength and range of movement.  It is also there to help you to get back to your previous level of function.