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Neck Pain Physiotherapy

A common ailment that impacts millions of individuals globally is neck pain. Numerous things,
including bad posture, strained muscles, trauma, and degenerative diseases like osteoarthritis,
might contribute to it. With its intricate structure, the neck holds the head and provides a great
deal of range of motion. Its flexibility, nevertheless, can also put it at risk for strain and injury.
For neck pain, physiotherapy is a particularly effective therapy. A physiotherapist may employ a
variety of methods to help reduce neck pain and enhance function. At Curezone
our physiotherapist will do a full assessment, will also analyze any imaging findings, such as
MRIs or X-rays, and perform a physical examination and medical history review.

Cervical Tractions

At Curezone we do cervical tractions that involve stretching the neck gently with a device to
release pressure from the joints and muscles. Also, we do Trigger point therapy to relieve pain
and release tension, this technique includes gently pressing on muscle groups. Isometric
contractions are particularly effective for neck pain. This entails stretching and mobilizing the
neck’s muscles and joints actively. Maintaining the contraction causes the muscle to fill with
blood and puts the muscle under metabolic stress. This enhances stamina and strength.
In addition, we also use Strain-Counter Strain technique. In this, to release stress and lessen
discomfort in muscles and joints, our physiotherapist uses light stretching and mobilization. The
Strain-Counter Strain method is helpful in addressing a variety of illnesses, from acute pain to
chronic conditions, as it lessens pain associated with both neuromuscular and skeletal muscle

Soft Tissue Mobilization

Other than this, soft tissue mobilization is also performed at Curezone Physiotherapy. In order to
lessen discomfort and stiffness, this entails gently stretching and mobilizing the neck’s tendons
and muscles. Moreover, deep pressure is used to release tense muscles, release trapped fluids that
are causing discomfort and irritation in the tissues, and break up hard muscular tissue. To
increase range of motion and decrease stiffness, at Curezone, our physiotherapist also performs
Joint Mobilizations which entails gently mobilizing the neck joints. This mobilization improves
range of motion, lessens pain, and returns the joints to their natural mechanics. Moreover, it can
release endorphins and activate the neurological system, which both reduce pain.


To lessen pain and inflammation, modalities like heat, ice, or electric stimulation, Laser,
shockwave, Ultrasound are also available at the clinic that will benefit you tremendously. Once
the pain has subsided, we will focus on strengthening the muscle. Strengthening activities
will assist in enhancing the neck’s stability as well as lowering the chance of more damage. Our
physiotherapists work tirelessly to make an exercise routine for each patient separately to meet

their individual needs. Exercises at Curezone are generally started with basic exercises like neck
isometrics, rotations, chin tucks and are moved to advance exercises once the patient is
comfortable doing the previous one.

Curezone Approach for Neck Pain

At Curezone, we focus on educating the patient as well. Patients who experience neck pain are
frequently instructed on good body mechanics, posture, and ways to prevent making their
problem worse. When treating neck discomfort, advice and instruction are frequently given.
Guidance with an emphasis on activation, pain and stress management techniques, job
ergonomics, and self-care measures are provided throughout the sessions to help the patient. 
In conclusion, for neck pain, physiotherapy is a very successful treatment. Our Physiotherapists
can assist in reducing discomfort and enhancing neck function by utilizing a variety of methods,
including strengthening exercises, joint mobilization, soft tissue mobilization, education, and
modalities. Physiotherapy is a great option for those with neck discomfort since it can help with
pain management, range of motion, strength and stability, decreasing the chance of chronicity,
and improving functional ability.

Immediate Help through Physiotherapy for Neck Pain:

Have you been experiencing aching pain in the neck area after any activity? Or pain in the neck after waking up from sleep? Pain in neck area while lifting anything? Or pain in the neck when you turn the head? Or you may have questions if exercise makes neck pain worse?

At Curezone Physiotherapy, our neck pain experts in Mississauga and Oakville aim to improve neck muscle strength and flexibility through targeted neck muscle pain stretches, neck pain relief exercises and neck stretches to relieve neck pain. If you are looking for Neck Pain Physiotherapy Mississauga or Oakville, or the Neck Pain Physiotherapy NEAR ME, look no further! We aim to be YOUR best physiotherapist in Mississauga and Oakville areas, and are here and ready to teach you the best exercises and stretches for neck pain.

We welcome you to call us or click below to book an appointment with one of our expert physiotherapists to let us immediately start assisting you in your road to recovery.

Neck Pain Treatment Mississauga:

Physiotherapy Clinic Mississauga – Curezone Physiotherapy, Heartland Mississauga.

Physiotherapy Clinic Erin Mills – Curezone Physiotherapy, Erin Mills Mississauga.

Neck Pain Treatment Oakville:

Physiotherapy Clinic Oakville – Curezone Physiotherapy, Burloak Oakville.

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