Physiotherapy for Swimming Injuries

Physiotherapy for Swimming Injuries

Dive into the world of swimming with the unique blend of upper and lower extremity
strength exercises and cardiovascular training, all within a weightless aquatic
environment. While swimming is a universally cherished sport, it brings its own set of
challenges, especially in the form of overuse injuries linked to biomechanical issues. In
navigating these challenges, Curezone Physiotherapy Clinic steps in, offering a
personalized and effective approach to prevent, manage, and rehabilitate injuries. Our
goal is to ensure that swimmers not only move through the water with strength and
precision but also enjoy resilience in their aquatic pursuits.


Swimmer’s Shoulder:

Shoulder pain, affecting 40% to 91% of elite swimmers, is a prevalent orthopedic issue,
often manifesting as subacromial impingement. This condition arises gradually due to
repetitive activity, involving the rotator cuff tendon, bicipital tendon, or subacromial
bursa. Both primary and secondary impingements, along with increased anterior
glenohumeral laxity, contribute to this discomfort.
Our physiotherapy interventions commence with a detailed examination, addressing
pain specifics and training nuances. We employ hands-on manual therapy, soft tissue
release techniques, and specific mobilization methods. Rehabilitation involves a tailored
regimen strengthening the rotator cuff, scapular stabilizers, with modifications to training

Swimmers Back:

Elite swimmers, especially those favoring butterfly and breaststroke styles, may face
potential spinal injuries due to undulating motion and lumbar spine hyperextension.
Contributing factors include poor kick technique, stress fractures, disc degeneration,
and facet joint degeneration.
Our approach includes a comprehensive assessment of mobility in the spine, hips,
pelvis, and arms. Treatment strategies encompass hands-on manual therapy, McKenzie
flexion or extension based on assessment, soft tissue release techniques, and specific
mobilization methods. We refine stroke technique and incorporate spinal stabilization

Swimmer’s Knee:

Knee pain, affecting 34% to 86% of breaststroke swimmers, is common due to the
breaststroke kick’s high valgus load during sudden flexion-extension, adduction, and
external rotation, stressing the medial knee. This can lead to strain injuries to the medial
collateral ligament and compression on the lateral knee.
We tackle this issue by employing hands-on manual therapy, soft tissue release
techniques, and specific mobilization methods. Our focus is on inflammation reduction,
stabilizing hypermobile joints, correcting posture, and implementing strengthening

Swimmer’s Neck:

Neck pain, prevalent in older athletes, may result from facet joint changes, disc
degeneration, or nerve root irritation.
Our interventions revolve around thorough assessments, considering nerve root
irritation, arthritic changes, and breathing patterns. We employ hands-on manual
therapy, soft tissue release techniques, and specific mobilization methods. Emphasis is
placed on correct breathing techniques and head positioning to address these

While swimming offers a myriad of health benefits, the potential for overuse injuries
cannot be ignored. At Curezone Physiotherapy Clinic, we play a pivotal role in
preventing, recognizing, and rehabilitating swimming-related injuries, ensuring the
overall well-being and longevity of swimmers in the water. Dive into personalized care,
glide through the water with confidence, and let us support you in your aquatic journey
with a range of treatment methods tailored to your needs.

Immediate Help through Physiotherapy for Swimming Injuries:

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