Physiotherapy for Cycling Injuries

Physiotherapy for Cycling Injuries

Cycling injuries, ranging from nerve-related issues to overuse injuries, are a common
concern among avid cyclists, impacting both performance and overall well-being. At
Curezone Physiotherapy Clinic, we recognize the challenges associated with these
injuries and are committed to providing personalized solutions, fostering a healthier and
injury-free cycling experience.


Nerve-Related Issues:

Physiotherapists at Curezone Physiotherapy employ a multifaceted approach to address nerve-related issues. Techniques such as hands-on manual therapy, passive release stretch, and active release are utilized to alleviate nerve pressure, while they also effectively address symptoms like burning, numbness, or tingling. Our specialized neural mobility exercises enhance nerve flexibility, ensuring optimal functioning during cycling. Cyclists receive expert advice on hand positions, the use of adequately padded gloves, and warm-up routines to prevent nerve-related problems.

Overuse Injuries, Muscle Pain, and Stiffness:

Curezone designs personalized treatment plans for overuse injuries, integrating targeted strengthening exercises for specific muscle groups. Hands-on manual therapy and passive release stretches are incorporated to address muscle pain and stiffness
effectively. Techniques such as Maitland and Mulligan mobilization are applied to correct joint and muscle imbalances. Additionally, suction cupping may be employed to enhance blood circulation, expediting the healing process.

Neck and Lower Back Pain:

Our focus on postural correction and personalized bike setup includes employing McKenzie flexion-based or extension-based exercises to address low back pain. Hands-on manual therapy and passive release stretches contribute to pain relief and improved
flexibility. Advanced modalities like shockwave and laser therapy may be integrated for enhanced effectiveness in managing neck and lower back issues.

Ligament and Tendon Injuries:

To prevent ligament and tendon injuries, our physiotherapists offer insights into optimal cycling mechanics. Hands-on manual therapy and targeted strengthening exercises are employed, and personalized stability exercises enhance joint support, reducing the risk
of tears. Advanced modalities like shockwave and laser therapy may be applied for accelerated healing and enhanced recovery.

Head Injuries:

Head injuries, emphasizing proper helmet fitting, are addressed with comprehensive concussion assessments using tools like Impact and Vestibular Ocular Motor Screen (VOMS). Balance testing is incorporated into rehabilitation plans, which may include
assisted banded exercises and compound body movements with kettlebells and body blades for a holistic approach to recovery.

Uro-Genital Problems:

Expert advice on seat adjustments, including recommendations for proper width and padding, is provided at Curezone to prevent uro-genital issues. Additionally, assisted banded exercises may be recommended to enhance pelvic floor stability, reducing discomfort and promoting overall well-being.

In conclusion, Curezone Physiotherapy Clinic provides a comprehensive and personalized solution for cycling injuries. Our expert interventions, incorporating advanced modalities, address symptoms, offer targeted treatments, and provide
valuable guidance on preventive measures. Regular consultations with our experienced physiotherapists play a pivotal role in maintaining a healthy and injury-free cycling experience. Curezone welcomes you to experience our personalized care that goes beyond treatment, fostering a resilient and enjoyable cycling journey.

Immediate Help through Physiotherapy for Cycling Injuries:

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