Physiotherapy for Cricket Injuries

Physiotherapy for Cricket Injuries

Cricket is a demanding sport and involves various compound movements like jumping,
running, and throwing. If not played properly it can lead to various injuries ranging from
sprain and strains to tears and dislocation of joints. Physiotherapy plays a vital role in
managing, preventing and healing with the injuries.


1. Strains and Sprains:

Due to extensive force when the muscle or tendon
attached to the muscle can pulled or torn is known as Strain. On the other hand
Sprain refers to when the ligament attached to the bone gets stretched which
generally happens when it gets twisted or during fall. Physiotherapy plays a
major role in managing this injury. Things like Massage, stretching,
strengthening, mobilization and many different kind of modalities have proven to
be very effective. Massage helps in better blood circulation thus fastens the
process of healing, it also helps in preventing the formation of scar tissue and
adhesions thus maintain the flexibility of muscle. On the other hand, Stretching
helps in improving the flexibility on the stiffened area and strengthening helps in

improving the support and stability around the joint. Modalities like Ultrasound
promotes tissue repair and IFC helps in managing pain.

2. Shoulder Injuries:

Due to repetitive movement of shoulders during bowling
shoulder injuries prone to happen. The stress placed on the joint while playing
can lead to injuries like rotator cuff tear, tear in the labral and impingement
syndrome. Curezone Physiotherapy can help in managing pain, and by using
modalities like Ultrasound, IFC, TENS, and increases the speed of healing by
using Laser. We also help in improving the shoulder stability by exercises like
Scapular wall slides, protraction, retraction, banded pull- Aparts. We also provide
exercises with weights, tharaband and body blades to strengthen the rotator cuff
muscle. Curezone provide mobilization techniques such as joint distension,
Maitland and Mulligan mobilization with movement techniques to help with
maintain flexibility and for reliving pain.

3. Hamstring Injuries:

Pulling of hamstring is a common injury in cricket. Curezone
physiotherapy not only will help in alleviating pain but also will help in
rehabilitation by using eccentric strengthening exercises that help in rebuilding
strength and it prevent re-injury. We also provide proprioceptive training with the
help of wide variety of tools such as Bosu ball, Wobble board and Swiss ball that
helps in improving the neuromuscular control.

4. Ankle Injuries:

Due to twist, turns and running or jumping on uneven surface
while playing sprains and fracture in ankle joint is very common injury. At
curezone we help in reducing the pain first, restoring the Range of motion and
doing taping and bracing to limit the movement to protect the ankle from further
straining. Afterwards we help in strengthening the muscle around ankle with the
help of resistance band, pro-stretch, exercises on wobble board and Bosu for
improving balance. We also provide plyometric exercises to improve power and
neuromuscular control.

5. Cricket Elbow:

This is also commonly known as medial epicondylitis; it occurs
due to repetitive strain and inflammation on the inner side of the elbow. At
curezone we provide hands- on technique to do soft tissue mobilization, in
addition we use foam rollers and massage sticks to break adhesions and
promote the flow of blood to the affected area.

6. Knee Injuries:

Knee injuries like ACL , meniscus tear are often the result of
playing cricket. Curezone provides complete rehabilitation of these injuries. We
work on pain by using modalities like IFC, prevent adhesion by using Ultrasound
and we use Laser to decrease the inflammation. We provide a full muscle

strengthening and stability programme which includes exercising on the Bosu
ball, wobble board, agility exercises, exercising with Swiss ball. For strengthening
we use weights, resistance bands and extensive exercise plan to help people in
every way possible.

Immediate Help through Physiotherapy for Cricket Injuries:

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