Physiotherapy for basketball injuries

Physiotherapy for Basketball Injuries

Injuries while playing basketball can range from nerve-related issues to overuse injuries, impacting both performance and overall well-being. At Curezone Physiotherapy Clinic, we recognize the challenges associated with these
injuries and are committed to providing personalized solutions, fostering a healthier and
injury-free basketball sport experience.


1. Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) Tears:

Due to no- contact twisting or
hyperextension of knee while playing ACL is prone to tear. At Curezone we
provide Cryotherapy for relieving with pain and inflammation and then modalities
like IFC for pain. We also use electrical stimulation for activating muscles. For
strengthening we use resistance band and weights, we provide stability and
balance exercises on BOSU and neuromuscular training with agility drills.

2. Meniscus Tears:

Tear in the cartilage is often caused due to forceful rotation of
the knee. At Curezone we provide Hands-on techniques to address muscle
tightness and improve tissue mobility. Along with this we use Mulligan and MWM
(mobilization with movement) techniques to improve flexibility of muscle. We
work on Hamstring, Calf and Quadriceps strengthening to provide joint stability.
We do Balance and coordination exercises on balance boards to improve
stability and prevent future injuries. Agility drills and patient education are a big
part of our programme to help the patients.

3. Patellar Tendonitis (Jumper’s Knee):

Due to repetitive jumping and landing,
the tendon connecting the patella to shin gets inflamed and causes pain. At
curezone we educate the patient about proper load management. We work on
muscle strengthening by using a tailored exercise programme for each patient.
We also provide and educate the patient on the proper footwear so that they
don’t re-injure themselves.

4. Sprained or Dislocated Shoulder:

Physiotherapy for a sprained or dislocated
shoulder focuses on reducing pain, restoring range of motion, strengthening the
shoulder muscles, and promoting stability. Initially, we use modalities such as ice
or cold therapy to reduce pain and inflammation. We do passive and active range
of motion to improve shoulder mobility. Strengthening exercises of scapular
muscle, rotator cuff and deltoid helps in stabilizing the joint. We emphasize on
activities that mimic daily or sports-related tasks for a seamless transition.


Falling or a collision during playing causes Concussion. At
Curezone we do a gradual and individualized approach to help manage
symptoms, restore normal function, and facilitate a safe return to daily activities.
We Introduce a low-intensity, symptom-limited activities gradually to avoid
symptom exacerbation. Gradual progression of balance and stability exercises to
address vestibular dysfunction. We Target oculomotor function and coordination
to improve visual symptoms. We also do Neck and Cervical Spine Rehabilitation
to enhance stability and reduce strain.

Immediate Help through Physiotherapy for Basketball Injuries:

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